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100 With Legionnaires Disease In New York City

New York City is experiencing the worst outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in its history, with more than 100 people diagnosed in the South Bronx. We now see the frequency of diagnoses decreasing, as well as the number of emergency department visits for pneumonia in the South Bronx. We have fewer new cases, people are seeking care promptly and getting treatment promptly. We’re optimistic that we’ve seen the worst of this outbreak, and that our remediation efforts are having an impact. I thank the people of the Bronx for hearing the message and getting it out to their neighbors, friends and family. However, we must all remain vigilant. The Health Department will continue to monitor for new cases and check that building owners are continuing remediation efforts. Residents of the Bronx: it’s critical that if you do develop pneumonia-like symptoms, you seek care right away.

As of today, a total of 11 sites have tested positive for legionella within the impact zone. Additionally, 4 sites have previously tested positive for legionella outside of the impact zone that are not necessarily related to the outbreak in the South Bronx.

Today an additional 3 sites have tested positive for legionella that were identified as a result of testing done by the State over the weekend outside the impact zone and not necessarily related to the outbreak in the South Bronx.

In combination, to date a total of 18 sites have been identified inside and outside of the impact zone.

Regardless of test results, every cooling tower identified in the impact zone has been immediately ordered disinfected and remediated, and any site that has tested positive has been immediately ordered disinfected and remediated.

The following is a list of the sites within the impact zone that have been identified as of today:

• Concourse Plaza, 198 E. 161st. St.

• Opera House Hotel, 436 E. 149 St.

• Lincoln Hospital, 234 E. 149th St.

• Streamline Plastics, 2950 Park Ave.

• Daughters of Jacob Nursing Home, 1160 Teller Ave.

• Post Office, 558 Grand Concourse

• Verizon, 117 E. 167th St.

• Bronx Housing Courts, 1118 Grand Concourse

• NYC Department of Education, 455 Southern Boulevard. Also called Samuel Gompers High School.

• DHS PATH Intake Center, 151 East 151st Street.

• Bronx Hall of Justice, 245 E 161ST Street

The following sites have been identified as testing positive but are outside the impact zone and not necessarily related to the outbreak:

• Verizon, 1106 Hoe Ave.

• Police Dept., 1086 Simpson St.

• 1201 Lafayette Ave.

• 230 East 123rd St.

The 3 sites identified by State testing outside of the impact zone identified today will be released shortly.

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