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In the United States, these bacteria are the most common cause of bacterial foodborne illness, ahead of Salmonella—the second most common cause. Foods that may contain Campylobacter include:

· Any raw poultry (chicken is most common, as well as turkey, duck, goose, game fowl)

· Unpasteurized milk

· Undercooked meats such as beef, pork, lamb and livestock

· Shellfish

· Fresh produce

· Eggs

Most cases of Campylobacter infection occur as isolated, sporadic events, and are not usually part of large outbreaks. But, very large Campylobacter outbreaks (>1,000 illnesses) of campylobacteriosis have been documented, most often from consumption of contaminated milk or unchlorinated water supplies.

The Marler Clark, Inc.,PS Campylobacter lawyers have unparalleled experience representing victims of Campylobacter and other foodborne illnesses. Our Campylobacter lawyers have represented victims of Campylobacter outbreaks traced to foods such as raw milk and water. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Campylobacter litigation at Marler Clark

The Marler Clark Campylobacter attorneys are the only lawyers in the nation with a practice focused exclusively on plaintiff foodborne illness litigation.

Our expert Campylobacter attorneys have represented victims of notable Campylobacter outbreaks. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Campylobacter litigation at Marler Clark

Marler Clark has documented their litigation for victims in 4 Campylobacter cases. The Marler Clark Campylobacter lawyers have unmatched experience representing victims of Campylobacter. We have represented hundreds of victims of Campylobacter outbreaks.

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Marler Clark's food litigation attorneys have the most extensive experience representing victims of food poisoning outbreaks of any law firm in the United States.

Bill Marler and his staff were with us from when my daughter was in the hospital to the very end of the lawsuit 3 years later. Constantly in touch and on our side with advice right up to the great result they got for my daughter. They fought for her mostly behind the scene and protected us. Thank you Marler Clark.

James Ruocchio

Bill Marler came to the rescue for our case which started out as a National class action lawsuit but he took our case individually. Bill was very personable and attentive to us and our case and was very understanding while we were.grieving our daughter’s sickness. Bill fought a large corporation for us and we won our case and received great compensation. We will be forever grateful for Bill. We still keep in touch with him even 13 years later.

Cynthia Sedbrook

I would like to start by saying that Bill and his whole law firm are the BEST! So knowledgeable on food born illnesses, through the entire process any questions I had were answered and I never felt like I wasn’t in the right hands! If you need a lawyer look no further then Marler Clark! I feel like we’ve become family, Thank You so much for everything!

Christina Stranaghan

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