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E. coli are bacteria that can cause serious, sometimes fatal, infections in humans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that E. coli causes 2,000 hospitalizations in the United States each year. E. coli is often in the intestines of humans, animals, and the environment, resulting in relatively brief diarrhea. There are also more severe symptoms of E. coli, including stomach cramps, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea.

Ten percent of E. coli victims develop hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which can cause kidney failure, damage the central nervous system, and, ultimately death. When you have a traumatic case involving E. coli, you should get in touch with Marler Clark. We have experienced E. coli lawyers who will help you. We have experience with E. coli-related cases and have worked with specialized epidemiologists to educate clients.

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We have worked with epidemiologists to bring education about E. coli to everyone.

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The Marler Clark E. coli attorneys are the only lawyers in the nation with a practice focused exclusively on plaintiff foodborne illness litigation.

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Marler Clark has documented their litigation for victims in 91 E. coli cases. The Marler Clark E. coli lawyers have unmatched experience representing victims of E. coli. We have represented hundreds of victims of E. coli outbreaks.

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Marler Clark's food litigation attorneys have the most extensive experience representing victims of food poisoning outbreaks of any law firm in the United States.

Bill Marler and his team demonstrated a clear passion for their work and diligently ran to ground all of the details and nuances surrounding our family's case. The Marler Clark team managed our expectations extremely well, making sure that we were prepared at each step in the process and knew that there would be frustrating times along the way. On top of the impeccable professionalism, we formed friendships with Bill and Julie, and they introduced us to other clients who were going through similar experiences to our own, all of which was therapeutic and reminded us that we were not alone. And last but not least, we achieved success -- there is no substitute for subject matter expertise and years of experience! Thanks again Bill, Julie, and the entire Marler Clark team!

Bob & Emily S.

All of the people at Marler and Clark were very attentive to our needs and concerns. We would highly recommend their law firm for any legal advice regarding food safety. They are very transparent and will make contact with you in a timely fashion.

Amy G.

My wife and I can't thank Bill Marler and everyone at Marler Clark enough for how well they looked after us in our time of need. Bill visited us while our son was in the hospital and he, or his staff, were in contact with us every step of the way. Everyone at Marler Clark was caring and compassionate about our situation while working on our behalf. Even after our case was settled, Bill has checked in with us from time to time, wanting to know how our son was doing.

Dennis K.