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November 02, 2023

China International Food Safety & Quality Conference (2023)

Bill Marler, a food safety attorney, attended the opening of this conference, serving as a panelist. The theme of the discussion centered on the challenges of foodborne diseases. Yuki Minato from the World Health Organization, moderated the discussion. The other panelists included: …

May 05, 2023

Center for Produce Safety Conference (2023)

Bill Marler was invited to attend the Center for Produce Safety Conference and participate on a symposium panel that discussed the science of food safety. A diverse audience attended the symposium, which included individuals in government, industry and academia. …

January 31, 2023

Food Law Student Leadership Summit, Arkansas School of Law (2020)

Rep. Chellie Pingree and Bill Marler served as keynote and featured speakers at the The University of Arkansas Food Law Student Leadership Summit. This event included 63 students from 42 law schools and 27 academic, professional and governmental experts Feb. 28-March 1 for the fifth annual Food Law Student …

December 29, 2022

Defense Research Institute (2008)

A paper presented by Marler Clark, food poisoning attorneys, at the May 2005 Defense Research Institute meeting on food liability written by Bill Marler and Dave Babcock. In the paper, Mr. Marler and Mr. Babcock use case studies to provide examples for how legitimate foodborne illness claims can be distinguished …

October 25, 2022

California Polytechnic State University (2022)

Bill Marler presented to a group of students about the importance of food safety and the role of laws and regulations in food safety and production. …

August 30, 2022

Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (2022)

Bill Marler presented virtually to an audience that included laboratory managers, analytical chemists, microbiologists, toxicologists, forensic scientists and management executives. Association of Official Agricultural Chemists International (AOAC) holds conferences for a diverse group of professionals; its mission is to bring together government, industry and academia to establish and ensure the …

July 19, 2022

Institute of Food Technologies Conference (2022)

Bill Marler joined a panel of food safety leaders and presented to conference attendees in a session called, "Recalls, Outbreak Response: The Current Safety Landscape, Trends and Future". …

June 22, 2022

South Africa Virtual Food Safety Summit (2022)

Bill Marler, food safety attorney and advocate was interviewed by the organizers of the South Africa Virtual Food Safety Summit 2022. Marler Clark was a platinum sponsor which helped allow students to attend this event. …

January 24, 2022

Illinois Environmental Health Association (2021)

Hot Topics in Food Safety Law - The Present, Past and Future. In this presentation, Bill Marler, a food safety lawyer, outlined why food production is risky business. He named competitive markets, stockholder pressures, lack of clear reward for practicing food safety, brand awareness and potential litigation as factors considered …

October 04, 2021

Food Regulatory and Quality Assurance Summit (2021)

The food safety attorneys at Marler Clark were invited to present to a group of 400 participants. This group included the Vice President and Director of Regulatory Affairs, the Vice President of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Senior in House Counsel and the Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance. …

December 02, 2020

California Environmental Health Association (2019)

Traveling to Monterey, California, Bill presented to over 300 state and regulatory officials as well as private industry partners. Following Stewart Petrie's speech, "What if: A World Without Environmental Health", Bill was able to give his thoughts on food safety and the importance of regulatory officials in providing safe food …

December 02, 2020

Ecolab Global Sales Meeting (2020)

Bill Marler presented to over 200 sales, service association and support staff at the Ecolab Global Sales Meeting. He offered his perspective on ensuring food is safe from the operations side and emphasized the importance of protecting the customer, given the grave impact a food borne illness outbreak has on …

December 02, 2020

Maryland Carey Law School Food Law Society (2020)

Bill Marler, a national food safety attorney, presented to students in the Maryland Carey Law School Food Law Society via zoom. Bill outlined foodborne illness cases and described the process of litigating these cases. In addition, he offered his perspective on how food borne illness affects people nationwide. The role …

October 26, 2020

10th International Symposium on VTEC (2018)

This symposium was held in Florence, Itay in 2018. Bill Marler presented on several topics including the status of VTEC litigation in the United States and the impact on victims. He focused on victims of E. coli from hamburger. Additionally he elaborated on the lessons to be learned from STEC outbreaks. …

October 26, 2020

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (2018)

Attendees of this presentation included, state and local public health epidemiologists, environmental health officials, hospital infection prevention teams and clinical laboratorians. In the presentation, Bill Marler spoke on the legal aspects of food borne illness investigations and how public health documentation is utilized in litigation. …

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