Salmonella victim files lawsuit against Seasons at the Pond Restaurant

COLORADO SPRINGS — Marler Clark, the Seattle attorneys nationally known for their successful representation of foodborne illness victims, filed a lawsuit against the Seasons at the Pond restaurant, located at 425 Lincoln Avenue in Steamboat Springs, last week. The restaurant was the source of a Salmonella outbreak that sickened dozens of people in December and January. Judith Tartaglia, a respected Denver attorney, has associated with Marler Clark on the case. Marler Clark represented most of the children injured in the Con Agra E. coli outbreak of 2002.

The lawsuit against Seasons at the Pond alleges that the plaintiff became ill, experiencing intense stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting after eating at Seasons at the Pond. The plaintiff’s Salmonella infection led to kidney complications and she was subsequently hospitalized for four days.

“The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment traced this outbreak to an infected food-worker at Seasons at the Pond,” said William Marler of Marler Clark. “We feel certain that my client’s illness could have been prevented if the restaurant had taken proper precautions during food preparation.”

“We attempted to resolve this matter without litigation, but the restaurant and insurer ignored our reasonable offer,” added Marler. The lawsuit is based on the Colorado Product Liability Act, which states that manufacturers, including restaurants, owe a duty to consumers to produce products that are reasonably safe.


BACKGROUND: Marler Clark has extensive experience representing victims of foodborne illnesses. William Marler represented Brianne Kiner in her $15.6 million E. coli settlement with Jack in the Box in 1993. In 1998, Marler Clark resolved the Odwalla Juice E. coli outbreak for five families whose children developed HUS and were severely injured after consuming contaminated apple juice for $12 million. Marler Clark has represented over 1,000 salmonella victims in the last three years. Since 1993, Marler Clark has successfully resolved several thousand food-borne illness matters. Total recoveries exceed $100 million. For more information on Salmonella, visit or

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