Salmonella Lawsuit Filed Against Kenosha Restaurant

An outbreak of Salmonella that sickened 30 patrons of a restaurant in Kenosha has resulted in a lawsuit filed today. The Salmonella lawsuit was filed against L & K Tricoli LLC (doing business as Baker Street Restaurant and Pub) in the Kenosha County Branch of the Wisconsin District Court. The complaint was filed on behalf of Tanja Dzinovic by food safety law firm Marler Clark.

Ms. Dzinovic ate at the Baker Street Restaurant and Pub in Kenosha on Friday, June 18. On Monday, she woke with severe abdominal cramps and diarrhea. By Wednesday, her symptoms were so severe she went to the hospital for treatment, where it was determined that she had been infected with Salmonella enteritidis. Her Salmonella was later linked to the Baker Street Restaurant outbreak. She continues to recover from her illness.

“Salmonella infections can make you very sick and take a long time to fully clear from the body,” said Ms. Dzinovic’s attorney, Drew Falkenstein. “It isn’t what anyone wants to bring home from dinner out at a restaurant.”

The Baker Street Restaurant and Pub - located at 6208 Green Bay Road in Kenosha - was temporarily closed by the Kenosha County Health Department after an outbreak of 30 Salmonella illnesses was traced there. The specific vehicle of contamination has not yet been identified.