Sunset House Salmonella Outbreak Litigation - Wyoming (2003)

In May of 2003, the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) learned that a Salmonella outbreak was ongoing among residents of Park County, Wyoming. The West Park Hospital Laboratory had confirmed Salmonella infection among patients, and telephone interviews conducted by WDH staff revealed that all patients had eaten at Sunset House Restaurant in Cody, Wyoming, six to 72 hours before becoming ill with symptoms of Salmonellosis.

Regional Consumer Health Specialists from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) began inspections of the Sunset House Restaurant on May 8, 2003. Epidemiologic data indicated that canned mushrooms were the likely source of the Salmonella outbreak, although other food items may have been contaminated, as well. At least 65 cases of Salmonella were identified by WDH and WDA investigators; 39 cases were laboratory-confirmed as Salmonella Heidelberg.

Marler Clark represented over a dozen victims of the outbreak and resolved all of their cases.

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