Lancaster's BBQ Salmonella Outbreak Lawsuit - North Carolina (2012)

In January of 2012, the Iredell County Health Department, along with North Carolina State Public Health Laboratory, concluded that a 12-person Salmonella Enteriditis outbreak had been linked to Lancaster's BBQ in Mooresville, North Carolina.

The investigation showed that the outbreak occurred between Christmas 2011 and New Year's Day 2012. The source of the outbreak was determined to be salads. Ill patrons were much more likely to report eating salad and BBQ Pork Salad. Environmental investigations suggested that cross-contamination was the likely cause of the outbreak. A single employee was responsible for grilling meats and for salad preparation. This employee was observed handling salad ingredients without wearing gloves, providing another opportunity for cross-contamination.

In early 2012, Marler Clark was retained by victims of the outbreak and in June 2012 the firm's Salmonella attorneys filed a lawsuit on behalf of a couple that was sickened. That claim against the restaurant has been resolved.

North Carolina’s Fourth Salmonella Outbreak in 2012 Leads to Another Salmonella Lawsuit

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