About-Salmonella website is resource for victims of outbreak linked to Amarillo Restaurant

AMARILLO —Amarillo Environmental Health officials have traced a Salmonella outbreak to the Tacos Garcia restaurant located at 1100 Ross Street. At least twelve patrons who ate together at the restaurant on January 4 became ill with Salmonella poisoning. Four members of the group submitted stool samples that tested positive for the bacteria, and all members were epidemiologically linked to the outbreak.

Resources for victims of Salmonella outbreaks are available on the Web, with sponsored sites on Salmonella and Salmonella litigation provided by Marler Clark, the Seattle law firm nationally recognized for its successful representation of victims of foodborne illness. The firm sponsors a Web site specifically about Salmonella, its symptoms, risks of infection, treatment, and news about outbreaks, as well as a site about Salmonella litigation.

“We know that many people turn to the Web as their first source of information, and having represented hundreds of victims of Salmonella poisoning, we have heard time and again how helpful the information provided on this site is,” said William Marler, managing partner of Marler Clark.

“Victims suffer from intense abdominal cramping, bloody diarrhea, and nausea. Many have to be hospitalized, and most miss work,” Marler continued. “It is natural for them to want to find out more about this illness, and we are providing one of the most comprehensive resources on Salmonella that is out there on the Internet.”


BACKGROUND: The attorneys at Marler Clark have extensive experience representing victims of foodborne illness. The firm has successfully represented victims of Salmonella poisoning related to contaminated sprouts, cantaloupe, cereal, orange juice, and other foods. The firm represented victims against Sun Orchard after the company’s orange juice was tied to a Salmonella outbreak. Marler Clark also settled the claims of victims who ate Salmonella-tainted pastries at Black Forrest bakery in Clinton Township, Michigan, and 70 victims of Salmonella poisoning at a country club in Rochester, New York last summer. The firm represented 50 victims of the Chili’s Salmonella outbreak in Vernon Hills, Illinois in 2003, and has successfully represented hundreds of victims of Salmonella poisoning in several other states.

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