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Salmonella Outbreak Traced to Cargill Ground Beef

At least 40 people from Maine (1), Massachusetts (3), New Hampshire (2), New York (18), Rhode Island (2), Vermont (11), Virginia (2), and West Virginia (1) were diagnosed with Salmonella infections that can be traced to ground beef produced by Cargill Meat Solutions in June of 2012. At least 11 Salmonella patients were hospitalized.

Cargill recalls ground beef for Salmonella contamination

Cargill recalled over 29,000 pounds of ground beef chub packages after the Salmonella outbreak was tied to the products. The recall, which was announced on July 22, 2012, included 14 pound chub packages of "Grnd Beef Fine 85/15", which were shipped from the Cargill facility to distribution centers in Connecticut, Maine and New York for further distribution. At least some of the meat went to Hannaford grocery stores.

Salmonella-contaminated ground beef could be in consumers' freezers

The Salmonella-contaminated ground beef was sold at various grocery stores or other retail establishments under different brand names. Consumers who froze the ground beef could still have Salmonella-contaminated meat in their freezers.

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