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Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms Salmonella Enteritidis Outbreak

Wright County Egg of Galt, Iowa has now recalled 380 million eggs and Hillandale 170 million due to contamination with Salmonella. The strain of Salmonella associated with the egg outbreak is Salmonella Enteriditis (SE), which is a fairly common strain. The CDC reports that 1,608 people have been sickened by the contaminated eggs. CDC also estimates that for every confirmed illness, more than 38 go unreported, the real number of ill is probably close to 50,000. Illnesses have been reported in 23 States.

Marler Clark has filed a Salmonella lawsuit on behalf of a woman who was sickened by the Salmonella eggs, and then filed a second suit on behalf of a young girl sickened in the outbreak. A third lawsuit was filed on August 26 on behalf of a Massachusetts minor sickened in North Carolina. On August 31, FDA issued its report on the egg facilities, and Marler Clark filed a fourth lawsuit. The firm is assisting numerous other victims from around the country.

The recalled eggs were distributed to food wholesalers, distribution centers, and foodservice companies that distribute nationwide. Eggs from Wright County Egg were packaged under the following brand names: Lucerne, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Ralph’s, Boomsma’s, Sunshine, Hillandale, Trafficanda, Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms and Kemps. Eggs were packed in varying sizes of cartons (6-egg cartons, dozen egg cartons, 18-egg cartons). Other egg producers and distributors are recalling eggs, including Hillandale Farms, which issued its recall on August 20. Hillandale sold eggs under the names Hillandale Farms, Sunny Farms, and Sunny Meadow in 6-egg cartons, dozen-egg cartons, 18-egg cartons, 30-egg package, and 5-dozen cases. Loose eggs were packaged under the following brand names: Wholesome Farms and West Creek in 15 and 30-dozen tray packs.

A searchable database of recalled products has been produced by FDA.

On September 8, Marler Clark petitioned the court for entrance to the facility to inspect it on behalf of their clients. A hearing into the egg recall was held on September 22 by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee for Oversight and Investigations. Marler Clark client Sarah Lewis testified before the Committee about her Salmonella illness. Following revelations at the hearing about the long-term Salmonella contamination and Wright County Egg's disregard for public health, Marler Clark amended the Salmonella lawsuits against Wright County Egg to include punitive damages.

If you or a family member has experienced symptoms of Salmonella - which can include fever, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea - and has consumed eggs in the last few months sold under the recalled brands, it is very possible that you and/or your family member are part of the outbreak. The most important thing to do is seek medical attention and ask for a stool test, so that it can be determined if you are infected with Salmonella, and if so, if you are infected with the outbreak strain.

If you are ill and have any questions about your case, you can contact us to learn more about your options. Marler Clark is the foremost law firm in the US representing victims of foodborne illness, and Salmonella lawyers at Marler Clark have assisted victims of Salmonella outbreaks for more than 17 years. For more information, fill out the contact form, or call us at 866-770-2032 - there is no cost to you.

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