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The firm’s Managing Partner, William (Bill) Marler, began working for food poisoning victims in 1993 when he won landmark settlements of victims of the infamous Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak. Bill is recognized as the most prolific Hepatitis A lawyer in the United States as well as leading advocate for food safety. His work has been credited by politicians, journalists, and experts as instrumental in improving the American food safety system.

Hepatitis A Lawyers Get Results for Victims

Marler Clark is the nation’s only law firm with a practice focused exclusively on representing victims of foodborne illnesses like Hepatitis A. Marler Clark has represented thousands victims of countless foodborne illness outbreaks and has filed Hepatitis A lawsuits in nearly every major Hepatitis A outbreak across the country. Our lawyers have brought personal and class action Hepatitis A lawsuits against such major corporations as McDonalds, Olive Garden, Carl’s Jr., Quizno’s, Taco Bell, Subway, Chipotle Grill.

In 2003 Marler Clark Hepatitis A attorneys represented 78 victims of a Hepatitis A outbreak linked to a Chi-Chi's restaurant in Pennsylvania. The firm settled all Hepatitis A claims and reached a $6.25 million settlement on behalf of a man who was forced to receive a liver transplant as a result of his illness. Additionally, the firm filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of 4,991 people who were required to be immunized following potential exposure of the Hepatitis A virus.

Experienced Hepatitis A Lawyers with Integrity

Hepatitis A lawyer Bill Marler has been interviewed and profiled by many major newspapers and magazines and is a frequent guest on many television shows. His peers and clients have voted Bill as one of the “Best Lawyers in America,” a “Super Lawyer” and a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer.” He has also been consistently ranked as an “A” with the American Bar Association and a “10” at Avvo. In 2010 Bill was awarded the NSF Food Safety Leadership Award for Education and in 2008 earned both the Outstanding Lawyer Award by the King County Bar Association and the Public Justice Award from the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association.

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