ACI Foodborne Illness Litigation Conference (2011)

From the American Conference Institute:

Foodborne illness continues to remain a serious health problem in the United States. With the FDA’s passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act, it is clear that food safety has been made a priority by the Government. Still, with many of the agents of food-borne illness largely un-identified, it seems that despite best efforts by the Government and the food industry, our food supply remains extremely vulnerable.
An immediate byproduct of foodborne illness and food contamination outbreaks, the litigation resulting from these incidents places extreme pressure on in-house litigation counsel, food safety executives and private defense counsel to ensure that your client or company does not become the next big headline.

Join William Marler at 5PM on November 30 at the Doubletree Hotel Chicago - Magnificent Mile as he speaks about the future of foodborne illness claims on an international scale.