Wedding Attendees Claim Food Poisoning at Banquet Hall

The Will County Health Department is investigating a claim that between five and 10 people received food poisoning at a south suburban banquet hall while attending a wedding two weeks ago. One of the attendees at the wedding reception, a northwest Indiana woman, has sued the banquet facility operators.

Anita Fowler of Griffith, Ind. attended a relative’s wedding reception at the Di Nolfo facility at 9425 W. 191 St. in Mokena on July 17, according to a release from her lawyers.

The next day she began to experience food poisoning symptoms including abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and chills, the release said.

When her symptoms worsened over the next several days, she had to seek medical attention for severe dehydration and other medical problems resulting from her infection. She continues to recover from her illness, the release said.

A lawsuit was filed on Tuesday against Di Nolfo’s Banquet Inn and Catering Service, alleging food poisoning. The law firms Marler Clark and Newland, Newland, and Newland filed the lawsuit on behalf of Fowler, the release said.

Drew Falkenstein, a lawyer with Marler Clark, which specializes in representing victims of food poisoning, said, "there are quite a few people" who have reported becoming ill after attending this wedding reception. "At this point," Falkenstein said, Marler Clark is representing "between five and 10" of these people, and more will likely follow.

Falkenstein said there has not been any one food that can be pinpointed as a source of the food poisoning at the reception. "There were a variety of foods that were served" at the reception, and he noted that in his experience with such cases, the source of the food poisoning isn't limited to just one food source.

The Will County Health Department was notified and is investigating the claims, as well. Health Department spokesman Vic Reato said, "we are investigating," but he had no details on any developments so far, since "we are in the very preliminary stages of ... what is likely to be an ongoing investigation."