Food Seminars International Webinar (2012)

Bill Marler has been litigating foodborne illness cases for nearly two decades. The key to his success has been to find a quick, reliable method of distinguishing between legitimate food poisoning claims and suspect ones. In his experience, the food industry—from farmer to retailer to restaurant—tends to overemphasize the specious claim and undervalue the legitimate claim. It is an unfortunate situation that increases the likelihood that the industry will miss important opportunities to improve food safety.

By failing to improve food safety, the industry runs the risk of actually poisoning consumers and attracting expensive litigation that often results in public relations nightmares. Marler’s goal has been to bring forth only legitimate claims that have caused substantial personal damages and to force the food industry to think about the real costs of failing to ensure food safety.

Using case studies, this webinar will provide an overview of the various methods of proving a foodborne illness claim. The webinar will go over the obstacles companies face in prioritizing food safety. It will describe the legal basis of Strict Liability as well as the steps used to determine if a foodborne illness case fits into that legal definition. The important roles of epidemiology and Public Health and corporate and restaurant food safety will be covered. The webinar will also address what a food producer should do in an outbreak situation.

June 14, 2 PM EDT/ 11 AM PST

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