More sickened after eating at another local restaurant

The illness spreads, and now hundreds of people have gotten sick after eating at a local restaurant. The health department is investigating a possible food outbreak in Lansing Township. They say hundreds of people got sick after eating the food at Bravo Italiano.

More and more people are reporting their sickness as the day goes along.

The latest numbers from the health department- 220 people sick, and they expect that number to still go higher. Phone banks were set up so people could call in to report their illness. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The pain usually lasts about 24 hours.

Health officials say the problem started ten days ago and anyone who ate at Bravo since then could be vulnerable. Bravo voluntarily shut down the restaurant Thursday. They are cleaning and say there's no timetable for them to reopen. In the meantime, health officials are warning that the danger may not be over.

Natasha Davidson, Ingham County Health Department: "People always take the food home with them. They eat it, they share it and there's a possibility there could be some secondary cases."

And if you did get sick, Bravo says they want to make things right. They will help to pay medical expenses and any wages lost when people were off the job.

We want to give you a few numbers to call if you did get sick. You can call the Ingham County Health Department at 517-272-4175. Bravo is also asking for you to give them a call at 1-800-328-7761, or email