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Marler Clark Releases Raw Milk Family Safety Guide

Seattle – Food Safety law firm Marler Clark announced today the release of a free downloadable parent safety guide for raw milk. The guide is a joint project between Marler Clark and the not-for-profit informational website to educate parents on the risks associated with child consumption of unpasteurized milk products.

The guide centers on the risks associated with child and infant consumption of raw milk as well as serves as a brief summation of evidence-based information found on

Microbiologist and co-author of the website, Dr. Michele Jay-Russell, says the guide is a simple tool for a complex issue.

“There is a lot of information out there about raw milk that lacks scientific merit,” said Dr. Jay-Russell. “The parent guide, and the website as a whole are designed to present straight forward, evidenced-based facts and studies so that consumers can make informed choices, especially when it comes to their children.”

Raw milk products have been at the center of controversy in recent years as its proponents have challenged laws governing its sale and production. Raw milk enthusiasts have claimed that it not only tastes better than pasteurized milk but prevents against autism, cancer, Crohn’s Disease, and asthma. Those cautioning its use maintain the bacterial risks outweigh the perceived benefits.

“While most of the purported advantages of raw milk are anecdotal, there are some potential benefits to raw milk, but even most of those have been found in pasteurized milk,” said Marler Clark Managing Partner Bill Marler. “As a parent I would think seriously about serving my child a product that is rumored to prevent something like autism, but proven to have a higher risk for dangerous bacteria like E. coli O157:H7.”

Mary McGonigle-Martin, whose son developed a life-threatening E. coli infection after drinking contaminated raw milk bought at a health food store, welcomes the education material.

“Parents need to know the risks involved if considering raw milk for their children.”

Raw milk is milk that has come straight from the udder of a mammal such as a cow, sheep or goat and has not undergone any bacterial prevention step such as pasteurization. Twelve foodborne disease outbreaks and 146 illnesses from raw dairy products were reported in 2010 compared with only 1 outbreak and 23 illnesses linked to pasteurized milk. For more information about raw milk visit

Marler Clark is the nation’s foremost law firm dedicated to representing victims of foodborne illness such as E. coli and Salmonella. The firm works actively with academia, industry, government, and consumer groups to end foodborne illness. For more information visit or contact Cody Moore at 206-407-2200 or


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