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Canadian Roast Beef Linked to Listeria Outbreak

Erie Meat Products Ltd. is recalling Druxy’s Fresh Deli Revolution brand Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef from the marketplace due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. Consumers should not consume the recalled product described below.

This recall was triggered by findings by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) during its investigation into a foodborne illness outbreak. The CFIA is conducting a food safety investigation, which may lead to the recall of other products. If other high-risk products are recalled, the CFIA will notify the public through updated Food Recall Warnings.

The food recall warning issued on March 27, 2018 has been updated to include additional distribution information. This additional information was identified during the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) food safety investigation.

The following product has been sold from Druxy’s Famous Deli restaurants and the restaurant locations in Ontario shown below.

Restaurant Location Address
Deco’s Deli & Lounge 77 James Street N. Unit 254, Hamilton
Corned Beef House – Toronto 270 Adelaide Street W., Toronto
Corned Beef House – Vaughan 120 Whitmore Avenue, Unit 19, Woodbridge
Corned Beef House – Aurora 15440 Bayview Avenue, Unit 305, Aurora
Little House Of Deli 159 Liberty Street W., Toronto
Lunch Bag Cafe 2601 Matheson Blvd., Unit 2, Mississauga
Merci Mon Ami 171 East Liberty Street, Toronto
Wolfies Delicatessen 670 Sheppard Avenue W., Toronto
Big Wolfs Deli 478 Dundas Street W., Unit 7, Oakville

Brand Name Common Name Size Code(s) on Product UPC
Druxy’s Fresh Deli Revolution Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef Variable Best Before

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