Bill Marler's Marlerblog Awarded Best Blog

Bill Marler’s popular blog on food safety, foodborne illness, and food policy was honored by PR News as best blog in the Legal PR awards.

Marler, managing partner of Seattle-based Marler Clark, has been writing Marlerblog since 2004. His readership includes avid followers in the food safety and legal communities, as well as many reporters, policy watchers, members of the food industry, and consumers. Marler was first to post evidence of the failed inspections at the now infamous Peanut Corporation of America’s Blakely, GA plant.

“I’ve noticed quite a jump in readers since the beginning of the current peanut butter outbreak,” said Marler, who updates Marlerblog throughout the day as facts emerge. “The foods involved in this outbreak are many homes; everyone’s concerned, and rightly so.”

The blog contains breaking news, background, statistics, insights, guest voices, and peer-reviewed literature, yet remains highly readable. Sprinkled throughout are updates on former clients, current litigation, and Marler’s busy speaking schedule. He has recently added a twitter feed from his @bmarler ‘microblog’ postings.

“Posting has become second nature to me. I don’t worry about what I’m going to post or how often”, said Marler. When there’s information to get out, I put it up.”

Recent Marlerblog mentions:

“Marler is the treasured source of reporters around the globe.” Andrew Schneider, Seattle Post-Intelligencer “Guru of the nation’s food safety investigators.”

“[Marler’s] very lively blog is a must-read for food safety wonks.” Kim O’Donnel, Washington Post

“Marler’s always educational, entertaining blog.” Patricia Guthrie, Seattle Health Examiner,

“A tireless blogger on all things food safety.” Associated Press

“Some of the best insight I've come across on the implications of the melamine crisis for Chinese justice is from the blog commentary of Bill Marler.” Law and More

“Marlerblog is the best internet source for food safety information.” Eddie Gehman Kohan,

The Legal PR Awards, presented by PR News, is open to all law firms, PR, communications and marketing professionals at corporations, nonprofits, agencies, government agencies, educational institutions, and their vendor partners. The awards will be presented on Thursday, February 26th at the National Press Club in Washington DC.