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Bill Marler talks with Radio MD about the criminal indictment of PCA officials

The three triumphs of American public health are clean water, efficient sanitation and food safety, all of which require constant vigilance and oversight; yet, things do go very wrong, especially for nine people who consumed peanut butter and related peanut products, who are dead, while hundreds of others have been sickened, part of the basis for a Justice Department action against a peanut processing company involving salmonella infection, a case that guest Bill Marler, a Seattle lawyer who represents victims of food-borne illnesses, discusses on Body Language.
"In 20 years, this is the first time I've seen a criminal indictment of this magnitude," said Mr. Marler, who added he has also been contacted by federal law-enforcement officials investigating a 2010 salmonella outbreak linked to eggs from Iowa and a 2011 Colorado listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupes.

Listen to the interview with Body Langue house Christopher Springman.

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