Bill Marler at Hawaii Foodservice Expo

Marler Clark's Bill Marler will be at the 17th annual Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality, & Foodservice Expo giving two speeches on food safety and the food industry.

The first presentation, "The Foodservice Supply Chain: You're Only as Good as Your Weakest Link" will be on July 13th and will feature discussion on the need for all entities in a supply chain to maintain proper food safety protocols and HACCP plans, as well as how to maintain awareness of a supplier's weaknesses.

On July 14th, Marler will present "Customers Who Get Sick: It Can Be More Than a Tummy Ache." While many food poisoning complaints are relatively minor and often unfounded, the reality is that when a foodborne illness outbreak strikes it can be horrific and devastating for both victims and business owners. Case studies and legal ramifications will be presented followed by questions and answers.

The Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo was launched in 1995. It is the largest trade exposition in the State and the only event providing access for industry buyers to a full range of products and services for the State’s most important economic sectors. Although, a number of industry seminars are offered, the primary objective of the Expo is to bring industry professionals together with corresponding industry vendors to create an effective and efficient marketplace on the exhibition hall floor.