For 30 years, Marler Clark has been the leading expert in food safety law and has represented thousands of victims in food safety cases against large corporations including Walmart, Dole, McDonald’s, and Nestle.

Affected by a foodborne illness? We're here for you.

We’re here to answer all your questions, like what to ask a doctor, if you’re eligible for a lawsuit, and how to get the care you need.

We specialize in food safety law.

Marler Clark's food litigation attorneys have the most extensive experience representing victims of food poisoning outbreaks of any law firm in the United States.

Dozens of awards & accolades

Our food attorneys have won over $850 million in settlements for our clients.

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Marler Clark has represented thousands of victims over the past 30 years, focusing on their well-being from the first conversation and beyond the lawsuit ruling.

Our family experienced an unimaginable event and we were overwhelmed by the process. Bill Marler stepped in and not only provided a steady hand, but guided us with compassion and heart. Even when we were emotionally exhausted he continued the fight for our family. His knowledge and expertise is what drew us to his firm, but having his medical specialists, and his professional office staff behind him was what cemented us to this firm. With them handling the legal side, I was able to concentrate & advocate for my wife full time for the 25 months she was hospitalized. There is no better firm than Marler Clark to handle your foodborne illness case in the world period!

Richard Rivera

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