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William D. Marler, E. coli Attorney

William Marler is the managing partner in the law firm Marler Clark L.L.P., P.S. Since 1993, Mr. Marler has represented thousands of victims of E. coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, Listeria, Shigella, Campylobacter and Norwalk Virus illnesses in over thirty States. As a trial lawyer, Mr. Marler has been involved with several cases of national importance. He represented the children murdered by Wesley Alan Dodd, an escaped Washington State convict; the family of William Louth, who died when a crane collapsed during Kingdome roof repairs; the Terlicker family in its suit against Martin Pang and the City of Seattle stemming from an arson fire; and Brianne Kiner in her $15.6 million E. coli settlement with Jack-in-the-Box. This settlement created a state record for an individual personal injury action. Mr. Marler resolved several other Jack-in-the-Box E. coli cases for more than $2.5 million each.
In May of 1998, he settled the Odwalla Juice E. coli outbreak for the families of children who were severely injured after consuming Odwalla apple juice for $12 million. He represented several children in an E. coli outbreak stemming from E. coli contaminated swimming pool water in Georgia. In 2001 he successfully tried to verdict an E. coli case involving a school lunch program in Washington State. The jury returned a verdict of $4.75 million. He also resolved dozens of E. coli cases in 2003 related to one of the largest meat recalls in United States. Mr. Marler recently settled an E. coli case for a young girl for $11 million. In addition, Mr. Marler has been lead counsel in:
Sheetz Salmonella Outbreak:
Paramount Farms Salmonella Outbreak:
Sequoias E. coli Outbreak:
Chi Chi’s Hepatitis A Outbreak:
Goldcoast Produce E. coli Outbreak:
Golden Corral Salmonella Outbreak:
Habaneros E. coli Outbreak:
Chili’s Salmonella Outbreak:

Penninsula Village E. coli Outbreak:
Harmony Farms Salmonella Outbreak:
Clarkston Salmonella Outbreak:
KFC E. coli Outbreak:
WA State Pen Campylobacter Outbreak:
Spokane Produce E. coli Outbreak:
Emmpak E. coli Outbreak:
King Garden E. coli Outbreak:
BJ’s Wholesale E. coli Outbreak
ConAgra E. coli Outbreak:
Brook-Lea Salmonella Outbreak:
Kunick Salmonella Outbreak:
Western Sizzlin Salmonella Outbreak:
Shipley Sales Salmonella Outbreak:
Regent Beverly Wilshire Norwalk Outbreak:
Abbott Listeria Litigation:
Robeson E. coli Outbreak:
Blackforest Salmonella Outbreak:
Bauer Meat E. coli Outbreak:
Malt-O-Meal Salmonella Outbreak:
Golden Corral E. coli Outbreak:
Sun Orchard Salmonella Outbreak:
Subway Hepatitis A Outbreak:
San Antonio Taco Salmonella Outbreak:
Karl Ehmer E. coli Outbreak:
Supervalu E. coli Outbreak:
Linh’s Bakery Salmonella Outbreak:
McDonald’s Hepatitis A Outbreak:
China Buffet E. coli Outbreak:
Royal Fork Shigella Outbreak:
D’Angelo’s Hepatitis A Outbreak:
Viva Mexico Shigella Outbreak
Sizzler E. coli Outbreak:
Carl’s Jr. Hepatitis A Outbreak:
Wendy’s E. coli Outbreak:
Senor Felix Shigella Outbreak:
Excel E. coli Outbreak:
Mr. Marler speaks frequently on issues of safe food and has formed, a non-profit business dedicated to training companies on how to avoid food borne diseases.
Mr. Marler is a graduate of the Seattle University School of Law in 1987. In 1998 he became the Law School’s “Lawyer in Residence.” Mr. Marler received undergraduate degrees in Political Science, English and Economics from Washington State University in 1982. While attending WSU, he was elected to the Pullman City Council. At 19 years of age he was the youngest person, and first student ever elected. In 1997, Mr. Marler received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the WSU College of Liberal Arts. In 1998, Governor Gary Locke appointed Mr. Marler to the University Board of Regents. He recently served as President of the Board. He also serves on the State Higher Education Coordinating Board.
Mr. Marler has been chosen by the attorneys of the State of Washington as a “Super Lawyer.” He has an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, and is listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Attorneys. He is married to Julie Marler and they have three daughters, Morgan, Olivia and Sydney. He is a past board member of the Washington State Trial Lawyers, a member of the board of directors of Bainbridge Youth Services, and a member of the Children’s Hospital Circle of Care. He is involved in numerous other civic and political causes. See also,, and

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