Subway Restaurant Shigella Outbreak Lawsuits - Illinois (2010)

At least 116 people were culture confirmed with Shigella sonnei infections apparently contracted at a Chicago-area Subway restaurant in March of 2010. Ten were hospitalized. Health authorities closed the restaurant at 1009 E. Roosevelt in Lombard and launched an investigation into the source of the outbreak. The investigation revealed that generally poor hygienic conditions and workers carrying the Shigella bacteria were to blame for the outbreak.

Marler Clark was contacted by a number of people sickened at the restaurant. On October 17. 2011 the Marler Clark attorneys filed Shigella lawsuits on behalf of more than 70 clients who were became ill with Shigella infections after eating at Subway. In June of 2012, the law firm resolved all 74 Shigella cases.

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