Settlement in Food Poisoning

The family of a girl who survived E. coli poisoning two years ago in the Jack in the Box hamburger contamination case is awaiting approval of a $ 15.6 million settlement with the restaurant chain's parent company, Foodmaker Inc.

If the voluntary settlement for 12-year-old Brianne Kiner of Redmond, Wash., is approved by a Superior Court judge on Wednesday, it could be the largest personal-injury award in Washington history, says William Marler, Kiner's attorney.

Brianne was not expected to survive the infection. Most of her colon was removed after she ingested the bacteria, and she suffered permanent damage to her kidneys, liver, pancreas and lungs. It's possible she'll need a kidney transplant, Marler said.

Now a diabetic, the youngster also must use insulin to control her blood-sugar levels.