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Milan McDonalds customer sick with Hepatitis A wants apology and medical bills paid

Chris Minor


August 17, 2009


The Rock Island County Health Department Tuesday announced its 18th case of Hepatitis A has been reported. It says the the individual who became infected with Hep A is a ''household contact'' to one of the cases reported the week of July 13th. The total of reported cases believed linked to the outbreak related to the Milan McDonalds now stands at 31.

A mother and daughter who contracted Hepatitis A after eating at a McDonalds in Milan say they're suing the fast food restaurant for more than just money.

''It would be nice of McDonalds if they would come up with a statement saying they're sorry for what happened but they won't. I think the public would appreciate it'', said Karie Fiegal of Kappa, Illinois.'' I also want them to make it mandatory for their employees to wear gloves''.

Fiegal and her 14 year old daughter Cayla Matthews say they contracted Hepaitis A after going through the Milan restaurant's drive-thru for a chicken sandwich and a chicken wrap on their way home from a family get-together in the Quad Cities.

The next month, Fiegal says she was diagnosed with Hep A. ''I couldn't get out of bed, before my doctor hospitalized me, I was vomiting for 48 hours.''

She spent three days in the hospital, dehydrated, her liver enzymes through the roof, her potassium levels dangerously low. Cayla was infected too, but with a milder case.

The 33-year old mother and gas station clerk is now one of three customers suing McDonalds over an outbreak that started in June.

''I didn't go through a drive-thru to get Hepatitis A'', said Matthews.

''I have alot of medical bills from this and I expect they be responsible for them'', said Fiegal.

And she says there will be more bills because she's still sick. Last week she wound up in the emergency room. She says tests showed she now has fatty deposits in her liver.

''I have to go see a liver specialist at the end of the month''.

Too big a price she says, to pay for a chicken sandwich.

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