Marler Clark, the Food Poisoning Lawyers, Interviewed in Foodservice Consultant Magazine

Bill Marler and his associates have dedicated significant amounts of time and money to educate and advocate all who will listen to what needs to be done to prevent future lawsuits.

Here are some key pro-consumer actions taken by Bill and his team:

  • Helped to pass the 2010-11 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act.
  • Continues to be a strong advocate for Hepatitis A inoculations for all foodservice personnel.
  • Is working diligently to require the USDA to have Salmonella (especially antibiotic-resistant) be declared an adulterant and, if found, have the product (raw chicken for example) recalled.
  • A pro bono advocate for a safer food supply via numerous articles and invitations to speak at industry group functions.
  • Sponsors Food Safety News, a free online subscription publication published seven days a week.

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