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Marler Clark Applauds Costco for Responsible Corporate Citizenship On Heels of Hepatitis A Outbreak

SEATTLE, WA—Attorney Bill Marler commended Costco today for proactively reaching out to the warehouse chain’s customers who purchased “Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend” frozen berry and pomegranate mix and offering to pay for hepatitis A vaccinations for those who consumed the product.

“A little effort goes a long way in these circumstances,” said Marler. “I look forward to working with Costco to ensure all victims of the Townsend Farms hepatitis A outbreak—whether they received a shot to prevent infection or fell ill with a full-blown hepatitis A infection—are fully compensated.”

In a June 6, 2013 announcement, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that at least 61 people with acute hepatitis A infections had been identified in 7 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Townsend Farms recalled its frozen organic antioxidant blend products from Harris Teeter and Costco stores on June 4, 2013.

Marler Clark filed a class action lawsuit against Townsend Farms on behalf of all individuals who received hepatitis A vaccination or immune globulin injections to prevent infection with hepatitis A after eating the frozen berry and pomegranate blend. The law firm has also filed 2 individual hepatitis A lawsuits against the company—one on behalf of a California resident and one on behalf of an Arizona resident.

BACKGROUND: The Marler Clark law firm has represented thousands of victims of hepatitis A and other foodborne illness outbreaks since the 1993 Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak. The law firm is the only law firm in the nation with a focus exclusively on foodborne illness outbreak litigation.

See, "Townsend Farms Organic Frozen Berries fro Costco and Harris Teeter linked to hepatitis A outbreak."

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