Local Hep-A Victim Gets Check From Chi-Chi's

660 People Contracted Virus; Three Died

PITTSBURGH -- One local family impacted by the hepatitis A outbreak will receive some good news Thursday.

Seattle attorney Bill Marler will be giving Richard Miller a $20,000 check from Chi-Chi's.

Miller ate at the Center Township Chi-Chi's in October and came down with hepatitis A.

"Mr. Miller, as you know, had a liver transplant and he's been out of work and lost wages. Chi-Chi's stepped up and did the right thing," Marler said.

Marler, who is representing 86 victims of the outbreak, is preparing for his case at next week's bankruptcy hearing in Delaware.

He is asking the court to lift the stay on bankruptcy, to allow Chi-Chi's to be brought into a lawsuit. Under bankruptcy protection, Chi-Chi's can't be sued.

A total of 660 people were infected with hepatitis A. Three people died of complications from the disease.