Lawsuit Filed in Linh's Bakery Food Poisoning Case

Linh's Bakery has remained closed since the cases of food poisoning were reported.

The attorney representing a family involved in a Henrico food poisoning case says he wants to make an example out of the incident.

William Marler represents a Fluvanna County family that has filed a lawsuit against Linh’s Bakery and Deli. Health officials connected the restaurant to a salmonella outbreak that affected hundreds of people.

The Cheung family claims that food they bought at Linh’s made them all sick, including a three-year-old boy and an 88-year-old grandfather who had to be hospitalized. The family’s lawyer said they hope this incident serves as a warning to other restaurants.

“People learn from these mistakes, restaurants will look at it and say ‘Oh my God! I hope that doesn’t happen to me or my customers!’ People who go to restaurants, certainly the people who went to Linh’s Bakery, never thought that eating a sandwich would put their lives at risk,” Marler said.

The lawsuit also claims that the Cheung’s family restaurant had to be closed until testing results came back negative.

Marler has represented over 500 salmonella cases over the past several years. NBC12 attempted to contact Linh’s Bakery and its representatives, but they didn’t return our calls.