King County: Louth v. King County Workplace Injury Litigation - Washington (1994)

In August, 1994, William Louth and Jorge Turincio were beginning the fifth straight day of a 12-hour, late-night shift repairing loose tiles on the Kingdome ceiling when a crane bucket lifting them inside the Kingdome hit the ceiling. Louth and Turincio plunged 250 feet to the Kingdome floor. Both men died.

Bill Marler represented the family of William Louth in a wrongful death action against two contractors charged with the negligent death of Mr. Louth. A lawsuit was brought in US Federal District Court against Ness Crane Service Inc. and Pacific Components Inc. The suit alleged that Ness Crane, the crane operator, and Pacific Components, the general contractor, failed to comply with safety regulations.

Pacific Components was fined $10,450 and Ness Crane $16,300 for violations found during a subsequent investigation by the state Department of Labor & Industries. Long Painting Co., the men's employer, was fined $12,290. Each company appealed the citation.

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