Gut Reaction - Bill Marler Talks about the State of our Food, Microbiological Investigation, and Jack in the Box

It helps to think of Bill Marler's area of law - plaintiffs' litigation for foodborne illness injuries - as less Law and Order, more CSI ... plus stool cultures. For Marler, a raspy-voiced, avuncular Seattle lawyer and a founding partner of Marler Clark LLP PS, most of his firm's work happens before the lawsuit is filed.   By the time the firm approaches the defendant, he says, it's hard for a food manufacturer to argue the case because Marler Clark has already built a genetic fingerprint linking the plaintiff, the contaminated food source, and the party at fault.  It's a uniquely heuristic practice area where a team of legal and biological experts spend much of their time chasing microscopic pathogens back in time to figure out how they got into the stuff we eat......

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