Forest Ranch Girl Still Struggling to Overcome E.coli Poisoning

Six-year-old Olyvia Titus is in a fight for her life after coming down with E.coli poisoning at a fundraiser for volunteer firefighters in Forest Ranch.

The little girl, who is a first grade student at Forest Ranch Charter School, has been closely monitored by doctors at U.C. Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. She was taken there by helicopter last Thursday from Enloe Hospital in Chico.

On Monday, Olyvia underwent a four-hour blood transfusion in an effort to get her kidneys functioning properly again. Her grandmother says Olyvia is too weak to hold a crayon or lift her head.

Besides the emotional toll Olyvia's illness is putting on her family, it's also devastating them financially.

The family is currently working on setting up an account to accept to donations to offset the costs associated with Olyvia's medical care.

Meanwhile, the food served at the September 6th event is being tested by the state health department.

Investigators say the E.coli came from the tri-tip sandwiches. But they don't know exactly where the contamination originated. Officials say there are plenty of critical points where contamination could've occurred.