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January 03, 2004

Our food-safety system falls short

Suing food suppliers and restaurants whose products make people seriously ill is Bill Marler's business -- and business is good. …

December 30, 2003

TAINTED: The Flawed Meat Safety System

A two-part series from the Philadelphia Inquirer details the lack of security in our nation's food safety net and tells the stories of victims of foodborne illness. …

December 23, 2003

Food Safety Attorney, William Marler, Speaks Out on Mad Cow

Bill Marler's opinion-editorial on the first case of Mad Cow disease in the United states begins, "We as Americans have grown up believing that our food supply is the safest in the world. But the CDC estimates that over 300,000 people are hospitalized and over 5,000 die, just from eating …

September 10, 2003

Poison in our Schools?

This Opinion-Editorial, written by Bill Marler, discusses vulnerabilities of the National School Lunch Program. …

July 30, 2003

Company is indicted over meat

The general manager of an Orangeburg, S.C., food distributor that has bid on public school contracts across South Carolina, including in Aiken County, was indicted this month on federal meat inspection violations that could see his business fined as much as $500,000. …

July 02, 2003

Zapping Ground Beef Worries

We don't have to tell you that operating a restaurant is a risky proposition. But if you want to ascertain just how sensationally risky it really is, connect to the Internet, swallow hard, and type into your browser's address line. …

July 01, 2003

Proud to Be a Lawyer

Writer Jay Flynn interviewed Marler Clark partner Andy Weisbecker about his community involvement as a youth soccer coach for an issue of Bar News. …

June 30, 2001

For Seattle Attorney, A Bacterium Brings Riches - and Enemies

Bill Marler, Who Got His Start With Jack-in-the-Box Case, has Made a Career of E. Coli. …

June 07, 2001

The Bug That Ate The Burger

Los Angeles Times writer Emily Green interviewed Bill Marler about his law practice in 2001 - nearly a decade after he began representing victims of E. coli outbreaks. Her article, "The Bug That Ate The Burger," focuses on the Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak and food safety changes …

March 15, 2001

Activist Law Firm Lobbying for Hepatitis-A Vaccination Program

Food manufacturers and restaurants should voluntarily vaccinate their employees against hepatitis-A, according to attorneys from the Seattle-based law firm of Marler Clark following a recent hepatitis-A outbreak in Orlando, Fla. …

June 16, 2000

Food Safety Attorney Praises USDA New Stricter Standards for School Meat

Two months after he called for increased efforts to prevent food poisoning in the National School Lunch Program, Bill Marler praised the United States Department of Agriculture’s announcement that it would require more stringent testing for school lunches, but said, “More must be done to protect those most vulnerable to …

March 29, 2000

The Courage to Criticize - Commentary on Foodborne Illness Litigation

Denis Stearns' essay on E. coli litigation was featured as a guest commentary in Food Protection Report. In his commentary, Denis ponders the extent to which we as a society are complicit in a company’s bad acts if we refrain from open criticism of a company that has disregarded safety …

February 23, 2000

Bill to Boost School Food Safety

Marler Clark managing partner Bill Marler lobbies hard on behalf of new food safety laws that would help to protect students from contaminated school lunches. The bills were introduced to the Washington State Legislature in 2000. …

September 08, 1999

Courting publicity, attorney makes safe food his business

Marler, who made his mark by suing Jack in the Box for serving people beef tainted with a deadly strain of the common E. coli bacteria in 1993, has carved a niche for himself and his law firm, Marler Clark. Most of its business comes from food-poisoning cases. …

March 02, 1999

Building a Case Against E. coli

"As a parent, you need someone to put an arm around your shoulder, to say 'we'll take care of it,' and that's what they do." …


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