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Filiberto’s Shigella Outbreak Lawsuit - California (2006)

In late August of 2006, the San Diego County Health Department (SDCHD) and the California Department of Health Services (CDHS) began investigating a cluster of reported Shigella illnesses. The health departments launched epidemiological and environmental investigations and determined that the cluster of Shigella illnesses had originated at Filiberto’s Restaurant on University Avenue in San Diego.

SDCHD and CDHS findings indicated that 32 confirmed and 41 probable Shigella illnesses could be attributed to the consumption of foods from Filiberto’s. The exposure period was reported as August 23 through August 31, 2006. During their investigation, SCDHD and CDHS determined that serious food-handling and sanitation errors contributed to the outbreak of illness among restaurant patrons.

As a result of the outbreak, SDCHD conducted an inspection of the restaurant on August 31, 2006. The inspection revealed a host of food code violations that may have contributed to the Shigella outbreak. As a result of these findings, the restaurant was closed until the deficiencies were corrected.

Marler Clark represented several victims of the Filiberto’s Shigella outbreak in claims against the restaurant. The claims were resolved in the summer of 2007.

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