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Di Nolfo's Catering Norovirus Outbreak

Three wedding parties held at the Mokena Illinois DiNolfo's Catering and Banquet Facility in mid-July, 2010 were apparently exposed to Nororvirus. To date 86 of the 450 guests have been interviewed, and 57 report nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. At least one of the guests has tested positive for Norovirus. The health department has launched an investigation, but no source has yet been identified.

Anita Fowler of Griffith Indiana attended one of the weddings held on July 17, and woke up ill the next day. Her symptoms did not improve over time, and she was forced to seek medical attention for her severe dehydration and other medical issues brought on by her infection. Marler Clark filed suit on her behalf, and is currently assisting others who fell ill.

Foodborne illnesses linked to caterers, carry away delis, and home prepared meals have traditionally been under reported. However the CDC has recently released a 10-year study that documented 833 outbreaks involving food prepared by a caterer (29,738 illnesses, 345 hospitalizations, and 4 deaths), as well as 7,921 outbreaks involving food prepared in a restaurant/deli (101,907 illnesses, 3,309 hospitalizations, and 4 deaths). Food prepared in a private home was responsible for 1,546 reported outbreaks (22,600 illnesses, 1395 hospitalizations, 21 deaths).

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