Carrabba’s Norovirus Outbreak Lawsuit - Michigan (2006)

On January 30, 2006, the Barry-Eaton Health District (BEHD) near Lansing, Michigan, announced that 57 people had reported becoming ill with a flu-like illness, later determined to be norovirus, after eating at a Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant on January 28 or 29. BEHD conducted an inspection at Carrabba’s and noted 6 critical and 4 repeat violations that could have contributed to the spread of norovirus. Among the critical violations, Carrabba’s was cited for allowing a sick employee to work and for failing to enforce proper hand washing practices.

By February 2, the number of cases reported to BEHD had grown to 344. And by the time the outbreak was considered over, 437 people had reported becoming ill with symptoms of norovirus after eating at Carrabba’s.

Marler Clark represented several people who were part of the outbreak in claims against Carrabba’s.

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