Carl's Jr. February 2000 Hepatitis A Outbreak Class Action

SEATTLE, WA – It has been brought to our attention that individuals exposed to hepatitis-A during the February 2000 outbreak linked to the Carl’s Jr. located at 707 West Third Avenue in Spokane, have contacted the implicated outlet, and, in some cases, Carl Karcher Enterprises, directly, seeking information on the “shot class” settlement announced earlier this week. Please allow us the opportunity to clarify the information as it relates to these potential claims.

All those who were exposed to hepatitis-A during the February 2000 outbreak and who received the immuno globulin (IG) treatment to guard against infection as a result, should call this number for additional information regarding their settlement: 800-769-9336. Please do not contact the Carl’s Jr. outlet directly, nor Carl Karcher Enterprises, as they are not in a position to handle these inquiries.

More about the Carl's Jr. hepatitis A outbreak can be found in the Case News area of this site.