Boy Infected with E. Coli Sues Wendy's Restaurant

The family of a customer sickened by E. coli bacteria traced to a Wendy's restaurant in Salem sued the restaurant.

Brandon Brammer, 14, of Salem ate a grilled chicken sandwich meal at the restaurant on August 14th and 15th. That's according to a statement from Marler Clark, the Seattle law firm representing the boy. Marler Clark's statement did not specify how much money Brammer is seeking and calls to the firm were not returned.

Contaminated beef at Wendy's restaurants in Salem and Tualatin have been linked to E. coli infections in 19 customers, and officials suspect 19 others could have been infected.

One other victim, an 85-year-old man, is seeking $5,000 in medical damages and $150,000 for physical and mental pain and suffering.