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Big Fresno Fair Settles E-Coli Poisoning Lawsuit

ive years after a young Fresno girl became critically ill following a visit to the Big Fresno Fair; the fair has agreed to pay her more than two-million dollars.

Angela Malos is facing on-going health problems from getting e-coli poisoning that her family believes she got at the fair's petting zoo.

Angela Malos was just two-years-old when her parents brought her to the fair ... weeks later the child was barely alive. She suffered kidney failure and several strokes. Her family said they are relieved the legal battle is over, but Angela still has lingering health problems.

A trip to the Big Fresno Fair in October of 2005 has been unforgettable for a Fresno family for all the wrong reasons. The petting zoo is the place the parents of Angela Malos believe she got a severe strain of e-coli.

John Malos, Angela's father said, "I feel guilty every single day of the week that I did take her to the fair. And I've apologized to her. And she looks at me and she says that's ok papa, it's ok."

Angela Malos was awarded 2.2-million dollars ... 2.15-millon from the fair, and an additional 50-thousand from Port O Sans, that's the company that supplied the hand washing stations.

Outside court, the attorney representing the fair denied any responsibility.

Sontaya asked, "Is the Big Fresno Fair admitting liability through this settlement?"

James Weakley said, "No, no there's no admission of liability."

Warren Paboojian, Angela Malos' Attorney said, "They paid 2.15-million dollars, they can say what they want. She got the e-coli bacteria at the Fresno Fair and that's why they are paying 2.15-million dollars."

Attorneys would not say if the fair board wanted to settle the case or take it to trial ... but another party involved decided it was time the lawsuit was brought to a close.

"The insurance carriers for the fair decided it was in their best interest to settle the case," said Weakley.

Malos says his daughter is still not back to normal ... Angela has suffered long term effects from the bacteria. She requires additional care, even when she's in school.

"She's fine mentally but she still has some medical issues with her kidneys. She has eyesight problems, she's legally blind in one eye, and she wears glasses. She has an aide in school, first grade. Constant aide because of the gate issues, she can't control her body movements," said Malos.

The money will be put into an annuity until Angela becomes an adult. At that point, she will receive payments that will cover any continued care along with compensation.

Several other children reported getting sick after visiting the petting zoo, but Angela's injuries were the most severe. Each case is being handled separately.

The Great American Petting Zoo was also listed in the lawsuit; they have yet to reach any settlement because their insurance company has denied coverage. A judge will have to hear that matter as well.

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