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Jimmy John’s E. coli O26 Outbreak Caused by Clover Sprouts

On April 3, 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that clover sprouts served on sandwiches at Jimmy John's restaurants had been identified as the source of at least 29 E. coli O26 cases. E. coli cases were reported between December 25, 2011 to March 3, 2012. At least 7 victims of the Jimmy John's clover sprouts E. coli outbreak were hospitalized.

E. coli Lawsuits Filed Against Jimmy John's

Marler Clark has filed 4 separate E. coli lawsuits against Jimmy John's in this outbreak; 3on behalf of women in Iowa, 1 of which was hospitalized, and a third on behalf of a Michigan woman who was hospitalized with an E. coli O26 infection after consuming a Jimmy John's sandwich.

Sprouts common cause of E. coli Outbreaks

Marler Clark has represented victims of several sprout-related outbreaks, including some outbreaks traced to sprouts served at Jimmy John's.

According to the CDC: Based on previous outbreaks associated with sprouts, investigation findings have demonstrated that sprout seeds might become contaminated in several ways. They could be grown with contaminated water or improperly composted manure fertilizer. They could be contaminated with feces from domestic or wild animals, or with runoff from animal production facilities, or by improperly cleaned growing or processing equipment. Seeds also might become contaminated during harvesting, distribution, or storage. Many clover seeds are produced for agricultural use, so they might not be processed, handled, and stored as human food would. Conditions suitable for sprouting the seed also permit bacteria that might be present on seeds to grow and multiply rapidly.

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