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Instances of contracting a foodborne illness and suffering bodily accidents can lead to life-altering complications and cases of severe injuries. Victims wanting to take action against problems and complications that were out of their control shouldn’t feel isolated or confused. Marler Clark provides case results from victims who bravely took their cases to the justice system and sought results for themselves. Victims of foodborne illness-related injuries deserve to have their voices heard, which is why we provide extensive backlogs using our knowledge and expertise to bring closure.

Marler Clark’s attorneys bring awareness to environmental health and injury groups, food safety conference audiences, and university students on topics related to the interaction of public health and law and how to prevent foodborne illnesses and related injuries. We advocate for safer food and environments by helping clients tell their stories. We testify before Congress about illness from unsafe foods and publish premier sources online regarding information on food safety, from our Outbreak Database to our Food Safety News.

Our list of court results displays our more high-profile cases brought on as a result of food poisoning outbreaks. Here, we also discuss notable cases the Marler Clark firm represented for survivors of crane accidents, vehicle accidents, nursing home negligence, and other injuries. We discuss information regarding foodborne illness during pregnancy, seek to increase public knowledge on how to identify symptoms of norovirus, and highlight instances of animals contracting foodborne illnesses.

Our clients put their faith in our knowledge and expertise. We believe every case deserves our undivided attention and advocacy to bring justice to those in need. Marler Clark establishes itself with the top food attorneys for the plaintiffs and defendants, representing thousands of victims of foodborne illness outbreaks across the country. To learn more about our case results and the history of case verdicts, explore our readily accessible forums and articles.

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The team at Marler Clark is here to answer all your questions. Find out if you’re eligible for a lawsuit, what questions to ask your doctor, and more.

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