Marler Clark, the Food Safety Law Firm, files Federal Court Complaints against Fareway

DES MOINES, Iowa – Two complaints were filed today against Fareway Stores Inc. in the Southern District Court of Iowa, one on behalf of Jeffery Anderson of Moline, Illinois and one on behalf of Derek and Sarah Porter of Harrisburg, South Dakota. Both parties were infected with Salmonella after eating Chicken Salad sold by Fareway Stores. The individuals affected are represented by William Marler of Marler Clark, a Seattle law firm dedicated to representing victims of foodborne illness, and Steven Wandro of Wandro and Associates, a Des Moines firm.

According to the Anderson lawsuit, Mr. Anderson purchased Fareway Chicken Salad on February 1, 2018 from a Fareway Store in Moline, Illinois. On Sunday, February 4, he began experiencing symptoms of diarrhea, body aches, and chills.

On February 6, Mr. Anderson sought medical attention at an emergency facility for his increasingly severe symptoms. At the emergency room, Mr. Anderson tested positive for a Salmonella infection. Medical professionals administered an IV for dehydration and prescribed medication to treat his symptoms. He continues to suffer from loose bowel movements and fatigue. 

The Porter lawsuit states that on February 11 and 12, both Mr. and Mrs. Porter began experiencing symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal cramping. Mrs. Porters symptoms became so severe that Mr. Porter took her to the Emergency Room on Valentine’s Day, February 14th where she tested positive for Salmonella.

Mrs. Porter was admitted the hospital and remained there for two days under medical supervision. The South Dakota Department of Health contacted the Porters and informed them that they were the first two cases of Salmonella connected to the outbreak in South Dakota.

Last week, the Iowa Department of Health announced a Salmonella outbreak linked to Fareway Stores’ Chicken Salads. Currently, there are 37 confirmed and 78 probable cases in the state of Iowa, 1 in Minnesota, 1 in Illinois, 1 in Nebraska, and 2 in South Dakota.

To date, Marler Clark has been contacted by a dozen individuals affected in the outbreak.

BACKGROUND: Marler Clark, The Food Safety Law Firm, is the nation’s leading law firm representing victims of Salmonella outbreaks. The Salmonella lawyers of Marler Clark have represented thousands of victims of Salmonella and other foodborne illness outbreaks and have recovered over $600 million for clients.  Marler Clark is the only law firm in the nation with a practice focused exclusively on foodborne illness litigation.  Our Salmonella lawyers have litigated Salmonella cases stemming from outbreaks traced to a variety of foods, such as cantaloupe, tomatoes, ground turkey, salami, sprouts, cereal, peanut butter, and food served in restaurants.  The law firm has brought Salmonella lawsuits against such companies as Cargill, ConAgra, Peanut Corporation of America, Sheetz, Taco Bell, Subway and Wal-Mart.