Lawsuits continue to be filed against Fareway and Triple T Meats

DES MOINES and CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – Lawsuits are accumulating against Fareway Stores and Triple T Meats. Two additional petitions were filed yesterday on behalf of Iowa residents Shauna Schroeder of Bondurant and Lori Taylor of Toddville who were infected with Salmonella after consuming chicken salad purchased from Fareway Stores. Both parties are represented by Marler Clark, a food safety firm based in Seattle, Washington and Wandro and Associates, a local firm.

Shauna Schroeder purchased chicken salad on February 2, 2018 from a Fareway store located at 620 8th St. Altoona, Iowa. Ms. Schroeder began to experience symptoms of Salmonella on February 12. Within two days, her symptoms became so severe that she sought emergency medical attention. In the emergency room Ms. Schroeder underwent several tests and received antibiotics and an IV for dehydration. Later that day, Ms. Schroeder was admitted to the hospital and remained there for two days under medical supervision. Although Ms. Schroeder has been released, she continues to experience symptoms.

Ms. Taylor’s Salmonella illness began after she consumed chicken salad purchased from a Fareway store located at 885 Edgewood Road, Hiawatha, Iowa on February 3, 2018. Four days later Ms. Taylor began feeling ill. Thinking it was influenza, Ms. Taylor sought care from her primary care physician who preformed tests and diagnosed her with Salmonella.

These are two of now six lawsuits filed by Marler Clark and Wandro and Associates against Fareway and Triple T. The CDC is set to announce updated outbreak numbers this week. Marler Clark has been contacted by over two dozen individuals affected.  

“It has been reported that Fareway and Triple T are either blaming each other or claiming that the contamination occurred during transportation to the several states where illness have happened. That is ridiculous,” said Bill Marler, managing partner at Marler Clark.

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