La California Mexican Restaurant Salmonella Outbreak and Litigation - Colorado (2018)

Salmonella lawyers at Marler Clark represented one of the victims in this outbreak, achieving settlements covering medical expenses, wage loss, and pain and suffering. At this time, this case has been successfully settled.

In February 2018, The Tri-County Health Department confirmed a Salmonella outbreak linked to the La California Mexican restaurant in Aurora, Colorado. 33 people were diagnosed with Salmonella. Of the 33 sickened, 3 were hospitalized and 1 person died.

Lab tests show the family combo meal may be the source of the poisoning.

Onset dates of illness range from November 2 to November 26, 2017. As of February 8, 2018, 13 of the 33 cases were confirmed, and there were 20 more probable cases.